Globality is a set of services designed to help companies access external markets and expand their operations into the global marketplace.

Reach Global Markets
Establishing a business in the global marketplace requires an international presence. Without support throughout the globalization process, guidance from experienced advisors, or visibility into potential international opportunities, going global can be a highly complex undertaking. Addexo offers the expertise necessary to help companies overcome those challenges and reach their goals.

For Canadian Companies:
We assist your Canadian business globalize by helping you find, select and acquire businesses in Latin America and other emerging markets. Addexo also assists you to create new international partnerships and develop long-term international expansion strategies for your growing business.

For Latin American Companies:
We assist your Latin American business to globalize by setting up your business in Canada and, then expanding it internationally. As a Canadian business, you’ll gain access to numerous resources, including modern facilities, connections to the investment community, possible government incentives for R&D, new financing opportunities, and new international partnerships and M&A possibilities. Addexo then helps you leverage those resources to expand your business into other areas of the world.

Addexo Globablity provides comprehensive solutions to improve your company's access to global markets. If you built a successful business and are ready to go global now, Addexo Globality can help you:

  • Create and manage your organization's expansion
  • Research new funding possibilities and access capital opportunities
  • Create a strong expansion and growth strategy for your international business
  • Create a clear intellectual asset management strategy for your intellectual property
  • Expand your international sales channels
  • Develop strategic alliances
  • Conduct feasibility studies before you enter new geographic markets
  • Create an international marketing strategy for your brand
  • Recruit new international channel agents
  • Train your staff