Enhance and develop new distribution channels for your international business. Addexo will assist you explore the full potential of your existing distribution channels, identify additional viable international channels, and develop a long-term market strategy for your business.

An Essential Element of Your Strategy
In business, how you reach your customers is as important to your success as what you sell, particularly when competing in a global marketplace. Overlooking the role of distribution channels in effectively meeting your customer’s needs presents a real financial and market share risk for your company. Addexo will help you uncover hidden opportunities that enhance our sales and profit margins.

Addexo Distribution Channels can help:

  • Provide sales channel enforcement to enhance the efficiency of you distribution channels
  • Conduct feasibility studies to evaluate the economic, financial and operational viability of proposed marketing strategies
  • Create a marketing plan to build the most effective strategy for your sales expansion
  • Search for the most suitable and efficient channel agents
  • Provide Addexo Intranet, the most effective collaborative tool for enhancing the efficiency of company sales channels
  • Produce training and monitoring systems to ensure the the company strategy and approach are implemented correctly

Case Studies
The following case studies illustrate how Addexo Distribution Channels consulting enhanced company sales and profit margins by developing market strategies that considered distribution channels: